About Us

Primed Medical Technology Company was established in 2014 in the capital of Syria, Damascus, as a result of the efforts and common vision of entrepreneurs with long scientific, business, administrative and technical experiences for many years in the medical equipment and services sector, and this diversity of experiences had a major and essential role in the success The company enabling the growth and evolving over the years.

Our mission: Our company is a pioneer in the field of providing medical equipment, products and services to medical facilities such as hospitals, medical centers and clinics within the Syrian market and is on its way to growth in other markets in the Middle East.

Our customers: Serving our customers, technical and providing scientific support, and after-sales services. Fulfilling our promises and commitments and following them up to ensure continuous satisfaction of our customers are our priorities.

The provision of professional medical technologies and high-quality medical products such as equipment, consumables, and professional medical services is not considered the majority of our tasks. Rather, we consider one of our most important tasks to be contributing to the development and growth of the medical and health sector in the markets in which we operate. Therefore, we consider ourselves partners with the medical staff in medical institutions in a mission of providing the best medical services and health care to patients, improving the quality of treatment, and raising the quality of life through our contribution to the dissemination of medical sciences and modern therapeutic and diagnostic technologies with the help of our partners around the world.

Our vision: Working in the field of providing medical equipment and services is a moral, social and scientific responsibility, not just a commercial and investment activity. Therefore, we view ourselves as contributors to raising the quality of life, and our responsibility to society, doctors and patients lies in choosing the best international medical products and advanced technology and placing them in the hands of highly experienced doctors in our country to form high-quality medical services provided to society.